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another androgynous asian

Dragons 'n You

宿黎 (Su Li)
8 August 1980
宿黎 (Su Li) was born exactly eight days after the scarred prince of Britain the Savior of Wizarding Britain. This gave Li the auspicious birth date of the eighth day of the eighth month in year eighty.

Su Li's given name is "Li," not "Su." Many people misunderstood because Cho Chang (张秋) follows the Western convention of givenname-surname, instead of the Chinese convention of surname-givenname.

Back at Hogwarts, Li was known as the strange Ravenclaw. Not Luna Lovegood strange, but fashion-designer-wannabe strange. The single time Li was sent to the Headmaster's office was for wearing non-standard robes in Fifth Year.

Like every other Ravenclaw in their year, Li had to endure Cho Chang after the dead boyfriend #1 Triwizard Tragedy and the lousy boyfriend #2 dating disaster. Consequently, Li is not impressed with one Gryffindor hero named Harry Potter.

Li rarely mingled with non-Ravenclaws back in Hogwarts because they're all idiots willful ignorants Li is not exactly an extrovert. The extent of Li's interaction with non-Ravenclaws outside of class is a commiserating look from a certain Gryffindor redhead during Yule Ball.

After graduating from Hogwarts, Li made a run to China to escape a perfectly good, stable, well-paying position at Mr. Chang's company. Li was also escaping parental demands for a spouse and children.

When smuggling Wizarding tiger lily in China, Li happened to meet one Draco Malfoy. Pity Li didn't try talking to Slytherins back in Hogwarts.

Look at this cute lil' dragon fetus Li found in China. *tap at glass*