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Dear Santa...

It's a bit annoying to use Chinese software...I should remember to bring my own laptop to China next time.

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

These past few years I've been busy crafty!

In January 1997 I cheated collaborated with a classmate on a quiz (-50 points).

In June 1997 I completed my NEWTs, left Hogwarts and promptly hopped on a plane to escape the parental units... Sorry about that, Mum and Dad (-5000 points). In August 1998 I spread interesting rumors on the Internet, spawning at least a dozen urban legends regarding our nation's drinking water (-173 points).

Last week, as a favor to a friend, I smuggled brought Wizarding tiger lily on board of a Muggle plane to China (-700 points). Last Monday I treated the Savior of Wizarding world to dinner (50 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-5873 points).
For Christmas I deserve Draco Malfoy's hand in marriage friendship!

Su Li

Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

I think I should persuade Draco to get an LJ account. Once he heard about the Harry-haters Anonymous communities he should be sold.


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27th Jan, 2007 08:46 (UTC)
You lie. I see no Harry-haters anonymous.
27th Jan, 2007 08:48 (UTC)
Clearly you were not looking in the right places.

And finally! How are you liking the blog so far?
27th Jan, 2007 08:50 (UTC)
I don't see how it can be anonymous--my username's quite obvious to anyone with half a brain.

Blog is alright. I can't think of anything clever to write in my userinfo though. Whatever shall I write? I hate you.
27th Jan, 2007 08:55 (UTC)
You chose that username yourself *shrugs* You could have made up a French name. Or use one of your dozen of middle names.

You love me really ;-)

"Draco Malfoy. 20. Single. Have an unhealthy obsession on Hates Harry Potter. Friend of Su Li. Currently in China under duress."

I thought you're used to talking your way out of sticky situations.
27th Jan, 2007 08:58 (UTC)
Ugh. Why does everyone think I'm French? Sure, we might have a French ancestor or two oh, five hundred years ago.

And my middle names are all Malfoy names. No help there.


I don't hate Potter that much anymore. It's not my fault his name keeps popping up in Wizarding news. And, being in China is tolerable.

You're confusing me with yourself--I dig myself deeper everytime I open my mouth.
27th Jan, 2007 09:07 (UTC)
It must be your poncy last name.
Well every now and then an extraordinarily wise person would think I'm Japanese.

Let me guess--Draco Lucius Abraxan Pollux Malfoy?

Well that's an improvement. I suppose we've all grown up. More's the pity.

And, being in China is tolerable.

Your enthusiasm bowls me over. Truly.

Are you implying that I have a silver tongue?
27th Jan, 2007 09:15 (UTC)
For the sake of our friendship, I'd pretend you didn't say that.
You have to admit, East Asians look remarkably similar to one another. We didn't grow up with many Chinese/Japanese classmates after all.

Yes on Abraxan. No on Pollux. We don't like to talk about Pollux.

I didn't mean to sound ungrateful--I've had fun these past few days with you as a tour guide. Is it too much to hope that the local government will let me enter the sacred dwellings?

There's no "implying" about it. I believe Blaise has found his match in you.
27th Jan, 2007 09:20 (UTC)
You wound me to the quick. I don't look Japanese. If I look Japanese, I would have run away to the Muggle world and become a famous pop star.

Ah, yes. I've heard about Pollux, but I thought it was pure exaggeration.
It was an exaggeration, right?

I wasn't fishing for compliments, but thanks all the same :-)
It depends on a lot of things. Sorry I couldn't give a more definite answer than that. So you do like dragons after all.

Blaise hardly needs a silver tongue; he's drop dead gorgeous. On the other hand...
27th Jan, 2007 09:26 (UTC)
Why on earth must you look Japanese to be a famous pop star? Do the muggles have a race requirement for these things?

I told you we don't like to talk about him.

No worries. Without you my hands are tied anyway. The officials here look as if I'm going to commit a daring crime and steal away to England with a dozen dragon's eggs in tow.
And of course I love dragons. I used to think that I would become a dragon animagus when I grow up.

Now I know you're fishing for compliments. Blaise is in a class of his own, but you're not hard on the eyes yourself.
27th Jan, 2007 09:38 (UTC)
Yes and no. Japanese pop stars are famous worldwide. Chinese pop stars, for the most part, are not.

Now you make me want to investigate. You don't want me to dig around asking for information, do you?

I guess I was a weird child. You dreamt of being a dragon animagus, I dreamt of being an artistic designer.

Why thank you :-) So okay, maybe I was fishing for compliments. Just a little.
27th Jan, 2007 09:40 (UTC)
I'm dead tired, Li. Talk to you again later. For goodness' sake our rooms are right next to each other.

Give me a ring (or a knock) when you wake up tomorrow, 'kay?
27th Jan, 2007 09:41 (UTC)
Night, sleep tight. :-)
27th Jan, 2007 09:43 (UTC)
I know I need sleep when I misspell my own GRANDFATHER's name.

Abraxas, not Abraxan.

Good night, for real this time.
5th Feb, 2007 05:38 (UTC)
Hi! This is Hermione. Hermione Granger :) I was just looking through LJ and was surprised to find another Hogwarts student with a blog :)

I know we never really talked while we were at Hogwarts, but how are you doing?

Oh, and did you know that Harry is in China too? Small world.
5th Feb, 2007 05:51 (UTC)
Oh hi Hermione :-D

Isn't the Internet wonderful? It would be great if we have something like this in the Wizarding world, powered with something other than electricity.

I've been fine, thank you for asking. I just met Longbottom just a few weeks ago, actually. He mentioned that you're now working at Research and Development? How's that going?

Harry Potter? Really? That's such a strange coincidence. I met Draco on my flight a few days ago. It would've been a hoot if Potter was on that plane too. How long have Potter been in China?
5th Feb, 2007 06:36 (UTC)
It is wonderful. Perhaps I can figure out something wizarding friendly eventually :) One can hope!

(Though, don't tell, I can get my little handheld computer doo-dad to work at the MoM.)

Oh how is Neville? I haven't seen him in far too long. Yeah, R&D. It's very interesting.

A few days ago, I'm not sure exactly when. Though I should ... I booked his plane ticket O.o It's just been crazy lately, I can barely keep my head on straight!
5th Feb, 2007 07:07 (UTC)
Although knowing our Ministry, they would try to censor it :-P And once they realize they can't censor it, they would try to get it banned...

Whoa? How? :-O

Electricity sort of works in China, even in the Wizarding parts, but strange things happen to the appliances. I've had a white haze congregating in front of my laptop screen once. It wouldn't go away for _days_. This time around I learned my lesson and booked a room at a Muggle hotel.

Neville seemed a lot more confident and reassured than he was last time I saw him. But then again, last time I saw him we were 16.

lol, I would say I know the feeling, but I don't. The perks of working for yourself is setting your own deadlines and working at your own pace :-)

I'd pass it on to Draco that Potter's in China too. Who knows--we might run into him--it seems like a time for coincidences *g*
5th Feb, 2007 17:32 (UTC)
One word: Blackmarket. Or is that supposed to be two? I really need a new dictionary

As long as you charm the components separately, they work ... at least for a longer time than they might regularly with magic. I'm still perfecting it. Longevity of the hardware is still an issue.

Oh yes, Neville really came into himself during the war. He's a great chap.

Lucky you :( *envies* Ah well, at least I get all sorts of funding here ...

Please, don't start spouting divination crap nonsense at me. Please.
5th Feb, 2007 20:51 (UTC)
Well according to Merriam-Webster, "black market" is the noun and "black-market" is the verb.

I personally prefer the OED, but sadly it's not free.

Huh. I'd have to try that out sometime. I'm not the most technologically competent person, but I love playing around with computer parts.

It's nothing to do with divination. More like--the inevitableness of things. If you expect something to happen, it will happen. If you're afraid of something, it will happen. Something to do with the magic of thoughts and words.
5th Feb, 2007 23:42 (UTC)
Ah well. Didn't have time to look it up. While I can get this thing to work at work, it doesn't always get a good signal. I try to limit myself to LJ on breaks.

Puzzles. Puzzles are fun.

Are you a fatalist then?

You sound like you're quoting Murphy's Law or something, in a roundabout sort of way.
6th Feb, 2007 00:30 (UTC)
Except that puzzles don't cost a few hundred pounds a piece.

Who's Murphy? A Muggle scientist, I presume?

I blame my parents and the saturation of their beliefs into mine through osmosis. Of course, unlike them I didn't have a Chinese education and so I vaguely know some of the beliefs but none of the explanations.
6th Feb, 2007 01:57 (UTC)
True. Though have you ever played with Legos? Some of those get up there in price, or so my friend back in primary school said.

You've never heard of Murphy?! O.o Some philosopher or something, I can't say the specifics ... but Murphy's Law is the universal thing that maybe even the wizarding world is familiar with: If anything can go wrong, it will. (As badly as possible, usually)

6th Feb, 2007 18:40 (UTC)
Yes I've heard of Legos. Anthony built a miniature Hogwarts once, with roaring dragons and everything. We had fun charming it to move in the Common Room :-D

I'd never understand the Muggle obsession on collecting items. If they are antiques, I still understand--but something plastic that was made merely two decades ago?

Hm. Murphy and my parents should have tea together sometime *g*

Yes I do think things can go horribly wrong, but I also think things can go superbly right. So most of the time I just try to not have any expectations one way or another =] Not a fulfilling way of life, I suppose--but it works.
7th Feb, 2007 01:07 (UTC)
Oh really? That's cool :) I would have like to have seen that.

I think it's long term planning O.o Maybe.

Hehehe. Mine too.

Perhaps. I'm the optimist forced to be the pessimist (because really, who else is going to stick holes in the boys' plans if I don't?).
7th Feb, 2007 01:44 (UTC)
Hm, I wonder what Anthony is doing these days. I haven't really kept up with my House mates except through the rumour mill ^^;;

...long term planning until the plastic gets warped under the summer sun? X-D

That's still a bit more heartening than a pessimist masquerading as an optimist, don't you think?
So you plan for contingencies but in the end you still believe that good will triumph.
5th Feb, 2007 17:34 (UTC)
Whoa. Malfoy's in China too? When did that happen?

... erm, better be careful, with those two in the same country. Sparks might fly. (and I'm not sure if I mean the fan-yourself-kind or the exploding kind)
5th Feb, 2007 20:53 (UTC)
I ran into him on my flight a few days ago :-)

We met because I dropped Longbottom's flower on his lap.

...They haven't met yet and sparks already did fly >_> Of a sort.
5th Feb, 2007 23:42 (UTC)
*snicker* Didn't bite off anything important, did it? /snerk

Oh? Do tell :)
6th Feb, 2007 00:32 (UTC)
You wench, you X-D

Draco was right to be wary of you :-P

Less of a spark and more of an implosion I suppose. I'm sure you've read his latest post about our bespectacled hero your friend.
6th Feb, 2007 02:01 (UTC)

*smirk* He should be. He knows from experience what happens when he doesn't.

Oh yes, the dramatics? Poor darling. Did you two go out and get him sorted out?

Btw, have you ever thought the two of them are a wee bit obsessed about each other?
6th Feb, 2007 18:51 (UTC)
He knows from experience what happens when he doesn't.

Dare I ask why? ;-)

We went to the night market, he bought all sorts of Potions ingredients with dubious purity, we imbibed three bottles of beer (or four or five? My memory's kinda fuzzy) and sang Muggle pop songs off-key. But the audience love us because we have British accent. *g*

I somehow managed to persuade Draco not to attempt any Chinese songs. Off-key English songs is one thing, off-key Chinese songs...

Yes, yes I think he's sorted out now. Probably sulking with a hangover in his room, but you can't have everything. *shrugs*

Ahahaha, to stay awake in history, my House mates like to tally their scores. Draco won sixth year, hands down.
7th Feb, 2007 00:10 (UTC)
Dare I ask why? ;-)

You can dare, but as I think it hurt poor Malfoy's tender ego and he is your friend, I'll tell you to go ask him first :) I'd love to see how he tries to get out of that one.

It was probably four or five, if you can't remember. I hope you wore ear plugs to survive endure Malfoy's singing.

I do hope you were the smart one and have some hangover cure in your room ;)

Lol. I rather thought Harry would have. He stalked followed Draco around enough that year.
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