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Welcome :-)

Hi there.

Draco was successful in his Slytherin attempt to extort cute kitten pictures from his LJ friends, that I thought I should give it a try.

As I said before, I don't bite ;-) unless you ask nicely. Feel free to say hi anytime and introduce yourself.

If you leave me Ravenclaw icons, I'll rotate them with the six icon space that I have.

Thanks again Hermione for the "way smarter than you" icon *g*


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9th Feb, 2007 21:47 (UTC)
You copycat :-P

*throws this books icon at you*

And why can't you eat chips like normal people?
9th Feb, 2007 21:58 (UTC)
Hey, I got an LJ first, so you're the first copycat.

*tries to catch the icon*

*drops the icon*

Rice crackers are good for your health, try it. And not loaded with a sack of salt like chips.
I'm rather hungry--want to go out and eat?
9th Feb, 2007 22:02 (UTC)
You were the one begging me to get an LJ, you wanker.

I should teach you Quidditch sometime.

Maybe. When I'm desperate for other nourishment :-P

Sure, let's eat. Just not to one of those seafood places--I don't want my clothes to smell fishy.
9th Feb, 2007 22:06 (UTC)
But you're having fun, right? ;-)

Good luck with that. I have lousy hand-eye coordination.

Just for that comment I'm going to slip rice crackers into your pocket all the time.

You ponce *g*
I know this place that sells the best Hainamese rice I've ever eaten.
9th Feb, 2007 22:28 (UTC)
Yes yes, I'm having fun.

Too bad--you have the build of a seeker. And those sort of things can be trained, you know.

...you better not get cracker crumbs on my suit.

Hainamese rice? Is that the yellow-ish rice that they serve with cold chicken? I like those.
9th Feb, 2007 23:31 (UTC)
Just as well that neither of my parents are athletic. And that Quidditch is not a mandatory activity.

Your suit is safe. The rice crackers come in individual plastic packets.

Got it in one :-)
9th Feb, 2007 23:35 (UTC)
You Ravenclaws. Life is not always about grades.

Ahh--I love that ingenious Muggle technology.

Great. I suppose it would be too much to hope for proper English tea? Actually, even a cool glass of water sounds great. They keep on serving me hot water even when I specifically asks for a cold one.
9th Feb, 2007 23:39 (UTC)
Says the man who used to lie, cheat and steal to earn House points.

Plastic? Yes, it is a clever innovation. Ever tried transfiguring a plastic object?

Even the best hotels here don't offer proper English tea, Draco ^^;;
You need to ask for _ice_ water. They should comply. Eventually.
9th Feb, 2007 23:52 (UTC)
You say that as if it's a bad thing.

No. Why, have you?

...I'm going to die of dehydration before this assignment is over.
9th Feb, 2007 23:54 (UTC)
Oh no no, don't mind me--just carry on lying, stealing and cheating ;-)

Yes. It's very curious how just in a matter of minutes the transfigured object "strains" to return to its original shape.

Drama queen.
9th Feb, 2007 23:55 (UTC)

Huh. Ever tried melding rubber and plastic together?

You love me.
9th Feb, 2007 23:56 (UTC)

No, but that should be an interesting experiment.

Yes, yes I do.
9th Feb, 2007 23:58 (UTC)
Speaking of experiments, when are you going to get around seeing your friend? Xiao Yue, was it?

10th Feb, 2007 00:00 (UTC)
But I was having so much fun goofing off with you!


I'll have to go to the Wizarding part of town and send her an Owl.
10th Feb, 2007 01:44 (UTC)
Hi :-)
I found you through Draco.

I'm someone who often surreptitiously checks LJ instead of being productive, ahaha.

Also: I love rice crackers! Especially the ones with nori.

And I don't have a Ravenclaw icon with me atm, but I'll definitely keep an eye out for you.
10th Feb, 2007 01:48 (UTC)
Re: Hi :-)
Hi there Lilian :-)
Any friend of Draco is a friend of mine ;-)

Well, this is technically work hour for me, but this is what's great about being self-employed: goofing off whenever I want to *g*

Yes! I love seaweed too. Do you know that Korean brand of seaweed? Wah Wah or Wan Wan or something along that line?

10th Feb, 2007 01:52 (UTC)
Re: Hi :-)

That does sound awesome.

I think it's Wah Wah...the cartoon of a boy with arms and legs flung out like an "X" right?

atm = at the moment
10th Feb, 2007 02:21 (UTC)
Re: Hi :-)
Yes yes that's it exactly.

Ahh...so many special abbreviations on the Internet--I can't keep up *g*
12th Feb, 2007 23:38 (UTC)
Re: Hi :-)
*opens rice cracker*
I'm eating one right now ;-)

What would forever mystify me is OMGWTFBBQ. I mean, why the barbeque in there?
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