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LJ's cleaning house

Logging in and posting just in case.


Welcome :-)

Hi there.

Draco was successful in his Slytherin attempt to extort cute kitten pictures from his LJ friends, that I thought I should give it a try.

As I said before, I don't bite ;-) unless you ask nicely. Feel free to say hi anytime and introduce yourself.

If you leave me Ravenclaw icons, I'll rotate them with the six icon space that I have.

Thanks again Hermione for the "way smarter than you" icon *g*

Strange eating habits

I thought Draco would appreciate this. He was complaining how Chinese people eat beautiful animals like swans. Eh, chickens, ducks, birds, same thing. *shrugs*

I very tactfully did not mention that in some parts of China, we eat cats. (Since Draco apparently cuddles them to death or something).

I swore the Chinese would've eaten dragon meat too if they don't worship them as gods.

There are some "medicine" that includes gold powder, but why would anyone want to eat gold?

There's a real danger of gold poisoning...

Dear Santa...

It's a bit annoying to use Chinese software...I should remember to bring my own laptop to China next time.

Dear Santa...

Dear Santa,

These past few years I've been busy crafty!

In January 1997 I cheated collaborated with a classmate on a quiz (-50 points).

In June 1997 I completed my NEWTs, left Hogwarts and promptly hopped on a plane to escape the parental units... Sorry about that, Mum and Dad (-5000 points). In August 1998 I spread interesting rumors on the Internet, spawning at least a dozen urban legends regarding our nation's drinking water (-173 points).

Last week, as a favor to a friend, I smuggled brought Wizarding tiger lily on board of a Muggle plane to China (-700 points). Last Monday I treated the Savior of Wizarding world to dinner (50 points).

Overall, I've been naughty (-5873 points).
For Christmas I deserve Draco Malfoy's hand in marriage friendship!

Su Li

Write your letter to Santa! Enter your LJ username:

I think I should persuade Draco to get an LJ account. Once he heard about the Harry-haters Anonymous communities he should be sold.

At least I'm not a CuteOverload addict

Boss: "I trust you're being productive, Li?"
Me: "Oh yes, Mr. Chang. I'm extending our research efforts into the Muggle world :-D"
Boss: "I told you not to be so formal. Good work on that. Goggle, is it?"
Me: "Google, Uncle Chang."
Boss: "Yes yes, very impressive. You're our most promising employee, keep up the good work."
Me: *beams*

Of course, what I was really doing at the time:

userinfoandrogynous88 userinfoandrogynous88 userinfoandrogynous88 userinfoandrogynous88

userinfosomigliana (This nice Muggle scientist I talked to when I was in Fifth Year)